How To Get The Sparkle Back 


How do you clean my oven? / What is the process?

  • Your fully trained / fully insured Oven Valet will do an initial inspection of the oven noting any defects and ask you to sign that they were present before work commences. All removable items, for example stainless steel racks, side panels and grill pans will be taken from the oven and placed in the van-based dip tank. These will soak in the tank while the rest of the oven / appliances are cleaned by hand, using eco-friendly, non-caustic cleaning products. All the grease and burnt-on carbon is removed from the surfaces. Where possible and required, the door is taken apart to clean the inside of the glass. When the rest of the oven / appliances are clean the removable parts are taken from the tank and rinsed and checked for cleanliness before being fitted back into the oven. The appliances are then given a final polish to make sure they Sparkle before being handed back to you.


Can you clean the inside of my oven door?

  • Yes, during the valet process, the door is removed and split and the insides of the door are also cleaned.


Do I have to wait any period of time before I can use my oven?

  • No, because of the cleaning products we use your oven will be ready for use immediately. You can switch it on and start using your oven as soon as we are finished cleaning.


How long does the process take?

  • Obviously the time varies depending on what has to be valeted. In most cases though we would expect to take between 2.5 hours to 3 hours. A large appliance such as a range could take as long as 4.5 hours.


Are you fully insured?

  • Yes, because we want you to have total peace of mind we hold public liability insurance, and defective workmanship insurance, so that in the highly unlikely event of your appliances being damaged they will be sorted out quickly and in a hassle-free manner.


Do you replace extractor hood filters / blown oven bulbs?

  • Yes, the extractor grease filters are replaced free as part of the extractor hood valet and the faulty oven bulbs are replaced at cost.